Georg Aunpekh von Peuerbach (1423 – 1461)

The astronomer, mathematician and humanist, born in Peuerbach was far ahead of his times in his way of thinking. He engaged himself in systematic observations about sun and moon, occupied himself with the „disposition of the ecliptic“ (the disposition of pretended ecliptic on the sky against its equator) and observed comets.

He designed different instruments and some sundials and studied the „deviation“ of the compass needle which doesn´t precisley point to the geographic North Pole.

His anstronomical calculations provided the base for the first reliable orientation guides for navigation and thus permitted the first big expeditions up to modern space travel and navigation techniques.

„We were fascinated by Georg von Peuerbach“, Manfred Hebenstreit describes his motivations. Where a tower used to top the castle area there is now a completely new designed park area: and in the middle of it – KOMETOR ®.