Take off in the star dome

Who wants to experience the eight meter high star dome has to open up for the whole impression of the room: Mirrors cover the whole floor and part of the walls. This design has the effect that everything is multiplied. If the star-glass paintings of the Hebenstreit work, linked with the photographs from the outer space, coincide, then an enormous kaleidoscope is composed by the mirrors and people feel themselves part of this cosmic world of pictures and are dawn into a world of stars, sounds, light and colors.

Within the last years telescopes have sent exciting pictures from planetary fogs, comets, galaxies and star formations to the earth. And there is evidence that in the remotest galaxy as well as here on earth it is always a matter of origin, development, death and transformation. Micro and macro in the smallest cell and in the vastness of the outer space!

The artist´s film in the star dome is fed by a mixture of Hebenstreit glass painting, digital adaption techniques and some in the work integrated NASA picture material.

The film animations come from Stefan Eder – flugfeld53, Peuerbach. Composition und arrangement of music by Jörg Pfaffenzeller, music arrangement and sound mixing Andi Gatterbauer – http://www.steammusic.at/