Plunge into the world of water

Already by entering the cometor the murmuring of the waterfall can be heard and leads past the „floating crystal“ up to the two impressive levels. With its blue shades the water world is mysteriousely illuminated, moving pictures with underwater motives run across the sloped walls, everything is in a permanent flow. The acoustic noise of the cascade in the middle of the room intensifies the atmosphere to an endless panorama of transparent running pictures.

Every detail in the water world is designed by the two artists: the patterns and colors of the walls, the four meter high glass surface of the waterfall, the covering of the ceiling with its water motives and the big triangular transparent painting.

Manfred Hebenstreit takes the visitor in a world under water. From innumerable photographs collected and brought home from his diving experiences within the last years, some particular motives became glass transparent paintings and served as base for the the water films. On the one hand, both of the artists were fascinated by the origin source of water from volcanos and comets but the Urtl-wells in Peuerbach as well inspired them to engage themselves with the never ending
subject water.